More cards . . .

I made a couple more cards using the Warm Wishes Crafty Courtyard kit from Pink and Main, plus a few more using leftover Cricut cuts and leftover card fronts that I started and never finished.  Here they are.  I don’t have much to say about them, but I thought I’d show them before I put them away.  😉

It does feel good to finish up what you started, isn’t it?  I still have a TON of unfinished card fronts that need images or sentiments, but that’ll be for another time!!


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My crafty week

This turned out to be a very crafty week!  Monday not so much. I tried to make some cards, but just couldn’t get it going, so instead I worked on my jigsaw puzzle.  Tuesday, though, I knit on my son’s sweater almost all day and made some really good progress; I got about four inches done.  Then Wednesday I worked with the February Crafty Courtyard Happy Mail kit and actually stuck with it all day and used up the entire paper pad, including the cover and the postcard that comes with the kit!  I felt especially virtuous because I dug out the ancient-but-still-very-useful Creative Memories cutting system and Close to My Heart inks.  I made 20 cards (pictures below.)  Then on Thursday, I finished the front of my son’s sweater.  It’s blocking now.

Here are the cards I made with the Crafty Courtyard kit!

The Crafty Courtyard kits come with stamps and coordinating dies.  I used some of the stamps that don’t need a lot of coloring, specifically the envelope stamps.  I stamped them and die cut them, but they had a little white paper showing outside the black lines.  I didn’t like that very much, so I fussy cut the stamped envelopes — very easy because they’re basically straight lines — then used the die to make a shadow.  I like that very much!

old on the left, new on the right

I like the idea of getting a nice surprise in the mail every month, and I love supporting Michelle.  I’m not sure I’ll continue my CC subscription, though, because I don’t like the paper.  It’s different from the paper Pink and Main used to carry.  The new paper comes in a plastic bag and it’s individual papers, not a glued-together paper pad.  That’s not the problem.  The new paper is shiny and thicker than the old paper. I don’t like the feel or the look of it and I don’t like working with it.  The designs and the colors are pretty, though, so we’ll see.


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Cut it Up – Black, White, and a POP of Color!

It’s always a fun challenge, to use black, white, and then a pop of color.  The results are always so pretty.  Check out the other projects over at Cut it Up to see what I mean.

Here’s mine.  I made a set of note cards.  I need lots of those since I send notes out every month to my penpals!  When I was shopping over at Newton’s Nook, our sponsor for this challenge, I saw this beautiful set called Beautiful Blossoms, and they really are.  I bet people with mad coloring skills could really do them justice, but I thought they would be perfect for a black and white challenge.  I also picked up the die set that goes along with the stamp set and used it to cut out my flowers.  I followed this tutorial for “triple time stamping” for these cards.  (You really can’t go wrong with triple time stamping.  Every time I have done it, the cards turned out beautiful.)

Here they are individually.I had a lot of fun making these cards and they turned out exactly how I imagined them!  Hope you take up our challenge and create a project that is black and white with a pop of color.  You could be the lucky random winner of a $20 store credit to Newton’s Nook!


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Card making project

I can’t remember how I got there – an email in my inbox?  a Cut it Up entry?  Not sure, but somehow I stumbled across a crafter named Kendra who made 50 cards using the Warm Wishes Crafty Courtyard kit by Pink and Main, one of my favorite shops.  The kit has an almost knitterly feel to it, and as you know, I’m a knitter!  On top of that, Kendra created a One Sheet Wonder-type of project, which I always enjoy, and she’s made it into a quarterly challenge.  With prizes!  It’s kind of OSW meets Kristie Marcotte’s 6×6 paper pad tutorial.  I’m in!!

I promptly ordered the Warm Wishes Crafty Courtyard kit and downloaded Kendra’s cutting template then followed along with her Youtube explaining the process.  I had fun making my first set of 16 cards and tried to use some of everything in the Crafty Courtyard kit so I felt justified with the purchase.  I do plan on using the rest of the papers, too, maybe even today.  I have eight full sheets left, plus a couple of scraps.  (You’ll be seeing a lot more of P&M products because I signed up for the Crafty Courtyard subscription!  I  received February’s at the same time that I got the Warm Wishes one, so that one will be next.)

So here are my cards for Kendra’s Card Challenge #1.I followed most of the card sketches almost exactly.  Here they are individually in card sketch order.

I used some of almost everything included in the kit.  An embossing folder is included with large dots on it, and I did emboss a piece of card stock with it but that didn’t make it onto any of my cards this time.  Also, I didn’t use any of the sequins.  I dislike the look of sequins just glued onto cards.  The hole in the middle is there so one can sew it on with a bead or a french knot, so just gluing them onto paper always looks unfinished to me.  Since I don’t have any beads that would match, I will probably try to put together a shaker card or two using them.  The colors are lovely.

I also used Newton’s Nook Festive Forest die set because it went beautifully with this kit.

So that’s my project!  Today is a wintry mix day here in the Shenandoah Valley, so I think I’ll probably be crafting today (you know, something different . . . 😉)


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Cut it Up – All You Need is Love! ♥️

Sunday is Valentine’s Day!  We’d like to see your valentine projects over at Cut it Up for our All You Need is Love challenge.  I made some cards, seven altogether, and need to make eight more.

That fabulous paper is from a 6 x 8 paper pad from American Crafts called Chasing Adventures.  The teacup is the Coffee and Tea Cup Stack set from our sponsor, Your Next Stamp and the mat I used on that first card is also from them.  The set is called Stitched Wavy Circle Die Set.  It was a lot of fun paper piecing those teacups!  I don’t have a stamp that says “You’re just my cup of tea,” which I thought was the perfect sentiment for my cards, so I typed it out on my computer with a cute font called Bradley Hand.

So that’s it for my post today!  Come over to Cut it Up and check out the other DT projects, then link your own for a chance to win a $20 e-card to Your Next Stamp!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I knew it would be adorable!

I just finished this little sweater.  I had blocked it over the weekend and this morning I sewed up the seams and sewed on the buttons.  It turned out as cute as I knew it would be, and it’ll be super warm because of the tight gauge + Noro wool. You know I love paper crafting and knitting.  Well, this morning I had both going at the same time, kind of.  I was watching one of Kristie Marcotte‘s cardmaking videos while sewing up the seams.  Some people hate sewing seams, but I like it.  For me, knitting on straight needles is so much faster than knitting in the round.  The mattress stitch used for seaming is totally invisible, and I love watching the seam disappear as I sew from the right side of the fabric.  It’s like magic!   Normally I use the same yarn to sew the seams as I did to do the knitting, but sometimes the garment yarn is too weak or, as in this case, too thick so I used some stronger, thinner tan wool that I have on hand. You can see the difference in this photo. I left the bottom border open like welt flaps on a gansey, just for fun.  I love those textured bits, and they’re so easy to knit — two rows of garter then two rows of 1×1 rib.

And I save all those little snippets of wool.  They’re perfect, free stuffing for little toys and things, like these:Evelyn

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Cut it Up – Point of View

This was a fun challenge!  The theme is Point of View and the idea is to use “something representing viewing scenes or capturing views! Camera, binoculars, glasses, microscope, telescope, magnifying glass, film, photo, etc.”  Our sponsor, The Cutting Cafe, gave us a couple files to work with and I chose to work with Camera Photo Shaped Holder Template to make a title page for a photo album.

When I decide what photo album to use it for, I’ll add the date to it.  I have tons of photos that need to be scrapped!

Here is a closeup of the camera itself:It’s really cute.  My original idea was to make a mini album with it but my Cameo wouldn’t cut the chipboard out for me.   How frustrating to spend hours on a project just to have it fail!  But I’m really pleased with how this scrapbook title page turned out and it will be more useful to me than a mini album would be.

Hope to see what you come up with for this fun challenge at Cut it Up!  As I said, our sponsor is The Cutting Cafe and the prize is three sets from the store.  Have fun and good luck!



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It’s gonna be adorable!

I cleaned up my craft room the other day, organized and put away lots of paper scraps, dies hanging around, and yarn!  I felt my yarn stash was getting out of hand, so I weighed, inventoried, and boxed it all up.  Now I know exactly what I have.

I found 3+ skeins of Noro Kureyon yarn that I got for half off when my local yarn shop closed a few years ago.  In 2017 during the solar eclipse, I made a sweater for my granddaughter from it and this was left over.  I love the search feature on Ravelry that lets me find projects that I can make with the yarn I have.  I found this gem using it, called Baby Boat Neck Sweater (Boat Ride on Ravelry.)  It’s simple, really cute, and free!

This is how far I’ve gotten, mostly in one evening.I love the textured bands.  After I have the front and back finished, I think I’m going to join the shoulders and pick up for the sleeves instead of knitting then sewing them on.  This is such a quick and easy stash buster!


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Knitting hats

I’ve been knitting hats for a family that my husband knows.  I knit five altogether.I don’t know the family but I had fun picking out patterns for all of them.  I didn’t want to be bored, so I chose all different hats.  The mom chose the colors.

The first one is a simple 2 x 2 rib all the way up.  It’s called, fittingly, Two by Two.  This is for the husband.The next one was for the older son.  This is called Declan’s Hat.  I love the cables on it.  (I’m a sucker for cables!)The third one I knit was for the mom.  I wanted something feminine so I went with Finlandia.  It has a little lace on it, which is not my favorite to knit.  I always mess up and have to rip back.  Only once on this hat, though, so that’s good!
It turned out pretty, but then I thought it might not be warm enough with all those holes, so I made her another one, Lake Reed.  This is the second time I knit this hat; I made one for my daughter last year.  I think this is my favorite (with Declan’s Hat a close second.)

The last hat is for their younger son.  It’s called Licorice Twists, and it makes me want Twizzlers every time I read its name!  (I like the regular red ones and the black ones.)This one looks like a cable, but it’s made by slipping a stitch then passing it over others.

All these hat patterns are free on Ravelry!  This was a fun project.  Happy Winter!!


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Go Back in Time with Cut it Up

We’re going back in time for this challenge at Cut it Up!  I was originally going to do the sixties, but I went with the 20s/30s instead.  My project turned out to be a three-fer!  I needed a birthday card for a lady, a project for this challenge, and I always want to use my Cricut cartridges.  I used Art Deco.  The images on that cartridge are so sophisticated.

The lady’s shoes and dress are cut from gold shimmer paper.  The dress is two layers because I got some schmutz on the first one.

The flower behind is a die from our sponsor, Lawn Fawn; it’s called Outside In Stitched Flower.  The paper is from a really old Prima Engraver 6 x 6 paper pad.

Come on over and check out all the different decades represented over at Cut it Up, then hook up your own!  You could win the $25 prize from Lawn Fawn!  Here are the details in case you want to play along:

Theme: Go Back in Time ~ It may be a new year, but we want you to take us to a decade before the year 2000! You can transport us to your decade via a theme, icon, phrase, image, or stash item. Be sure to tell us the decade!


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