Travel Knitting

My husband and I flew to San Diego last week to visit my son for his birthday.  I knew I had to plan a LOT of travel knitting projects, just for the plane ride alone!  I usually bring along yarn to make Milos because they are so easy and fun to knit and really are a blank canvas for creativity.  When planning a Milo for travel, I like to choose a knitting pattern that’s easy to memorize and doesn’t include a cable;  I don’t want to lose my beloved red size 4 double pointed needle that I use for cabling!!  A second goal was to use up certain yarns that I had in my stash.

I cast on for this Milo August 31st, the night before we left.  I used the King Charles Brocade pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Treasure of Knitting Patterns book and a single skein of pink Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted that I picked up on sale.  Comparing the Milo pattern and the yardage on the ball band, I chose the size that would use up the entire skein so I had no leftovers.  That was the 18 month size.  I finished this on September 3rd.I also brought along five skeins of Cloudborn Limited Edition Alpaca Worsted that I bought from Craftsy for Milo May.  I bought a ton of this yarn because it was on sale.  I’m not too inspired by the colors I got – beige and taupe – but I love working with alpaca and those were the colors that were on sale (no big surprise there.)  But since I had so much of it, I decided to knit Flax Light, thinking it would use up a lot.  I cast on right after I finished the King Charles Milo on September 3rd and got as far as finishing the body on September 7th.  I didn’t bring along double pointed needles for the sleeves, so I put that on hold and started another Milo.

(Seems like a lot of knitting, doesn’t it?  Let me explain that our son is a huge sports fan, the US Open was happening, it was the opening of NFL football WITH THE EAGLES! (who won, thank goodness!) so there was a lot of TV time included.)

Anyway, this last Milo is almost finished.  I decided to knit it up with the yarn held double both to use up more of it and to make the garment squishier and warmer.  I knit this one up in the Mock Honeycomb pattern, which was so much fun!  All I have left to do is about half an inch more of the honeycomb then the garter stitch at the bottom.  It’s really squishy and warm!

Every time we travel, I scramble to pull together something to knit.  Choosing what yarn I want to work with from my stash and a pattern to knit can be challenging, especially when I leave it to the last minute.  It most often is a Milo, but sometimes I want something different.  I came up with an idea on the way home to put together yarn, needles, and a pattern in a bag that I can just pick up when it’s time to go.  My husband came up with an even better idea – make it a surprise!  Put together several project bags and just pick one at random.  You knit what you get.  I like it!!


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I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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  1. Theresa says:

    They are so cute! You plan on knitting the way I do with stamps & coloring! LOL It’s nice to have stuff prepped and ready to go for trips…. keeps you busy and you’re creating! I like your Hubby’s idea too… Prep so many bags and then just grab one before you leave… not knowing what’s inside… makes for a fun crafting surprise on the road or up in the air! 🙂

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