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Awhile ago, Michaels had a special on Caron Cakes – the large ones.  Luckily, I was able to rein myself in and only bought one, Shadowberry.  It’s a beautiful mixture of greens, blues, and grays.  It sat in my box of yarn (I have one Ikea box for acrylic blend yarns and one for wools) until March 7th.  I pulled it out and started making a Flax sweater for . . . I’m sure you can guess who it’s for!!  Logan!!  🙂

I had a visit planned for the next week and thought I’d just start it before going down so I’d have something to knit in the evenings and naptimes.  It went much faster than anticipated, so I had a completed sweater – blocked and all – to bring on my trip.  The color changes in this yarn don’t give you even stripes that I prefer in a sweater, so I cut the yarn and made little balls of each color instead so I could control the stripes.  I like the stripes on the sleeves to match the ones on the body.  Any-hoo!  I had some little balls of green, blue, and gray left over.

The trip back from Georgia is ten hours.  What to do?  what to do?  I know!!  Make a newborn-size Milo with the Shadowberry leftovers!  The entire vest was finished about an hour before we got home.  There was just enough daylight to finish up!!  This little guy will go to the Pine Ridge Reservation to warm some baby’s belly.  🙂But there was still a little bit of yarn left.  Can’t waste good yarn!!  This knitted square is not blocked yet.  I have several of them made and will block them before I send them off to Project Amigo.  There they will be sewn into afghans for poor families of students in Mexico.So that’s that for my Caron Cakes Shadowberry!


About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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1 Response to Knitting stuff

  1. Theresa says:

    WOW!! LOVE the sweater you made for Logan… it turned out so pretty and so did that sweet Milo you made as well to donate… Then you made a block to send off to someone else in need… You are just amazing! I’m sure they will all be so appreciated by the recipients! Fantastic job Knitting! I live vicariously through you with the knitting since I can’t knit!!! Love seeing what you make! Have a great day!

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