Cut it Up – Purple, Orange, & Lime Green with Black

CIU challenge blogHello!  It’s time for another challenge at Cut it Up!  I had a tough time with this one!  Because of the colors, I started with a Halloween theme, got one project with a Frankenstein head half made, didn’t like it, abandoned it.  Started again with a Scream faced guy holding a scythe, wasn’t working for me, abandoned that one. (Maybe you’ll see those two later in the year, or maybe even next year.  I’ll keep them around in the hopes that inspiration will strike!)  Then I decided to go in a completely different direction.  I started looking through my doodlebat fonts.  This one is from a font called Keroppi.

P1090037webBelow is a little tutorial on how I made my flowers in Silhouette Design Studio, but in case you’re not interested in reading all of that, I’ll give you the details for this Cut it Up Challenge first.

We have two sponsors for this challenge.  That means two prizes will go to one lucky person!  Avocado Arts has donated one stamp set and As Cute as a Button has donated a $20 Coupon Code.

Go have a look at all the other cool projects made by our design team, then enter your project.  Your project must include all these colors and only these colors – Purple, Orange, & Lime Green with Black!

Now on to my tutorial.  I made the flowers two different ways.

01I typed the alphabet and chose the image that I wanted.


02 copy paste resizeResize, copy and paste.  Delete the other characters.


03 duplicateDuplicate.


04 obj rel comp pathObject, release compound path.


05 obj ungroupObject ungroup.


06 move recolor


Move the bottom layer (green on left) and recolor the original so it’s easier to distinguish between the two.


07 knifeUse the knife to cut off the flower.  Now you have just the leaves.


08 recolor to see betterRecolor to see better.

09 orig obj arrange send to backOn the original, choose Object, Arrange, Send to back.

10 resize or notResize the colored pieces – or don’t.  This picture shows you the two different methods I used to make these flowers.  The yellow leaf on the left is not resized.  When I construct the flower, this yellow piece will fit perfectly into the negative space of the black outline.  The flower will be flat.  The yellow leaf on the right is made slightly larger. When I construct this flower, the black will be on top and the yellow underneath, giving dimension.

11 resize or notThis is what it looks like on the screen.  The pieces on the top flower are not resized, and the pieces on the bottom flower are.

12 discard unwantedDelete unwanted pieces.


13 set up to cut14 set up to cutSet up to cut.

15 cut edgeCut edge to make base.  (You can copy/paste to make a shadow if you like.)


P1090020webThis picture shows the outline and the base and how to insert the pieces that I DIDN’T resize.

P1090024webSee how they fit in perfectly and it makes a very flat embellishment?


P1090028webThis picture shows the flower with the pieces I DID resize, adhered to the base.  The outline will go over the top and the colored pieces will be underneath, not within, the openings.

P1090022webP1090025webCan you see the thickness?

P1090027webHere they both are – the one on the left has the inserts, and the one on the right has the colored paper underneath the frame.

The one with the inserts is more fun to make, and is flatter — better to use if your project is already bulky — but I like them both!


So I finally am satisfied with my Purple, Orange, Lime Green with Black project!!  YAY!  This one’s a winner!




About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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4 Responses to Cut it Up – Purple, Orange, & Lime Green with Black

  1. I think the cards are stunning in their CAS way! Yup, a winner. I know how I start out with something and it just becomes NOT WORKING! This works and maybe the others did too…haha WOW…awesome tutorial….that was a lot of work to share and I know lots of viewers soooo appreciate it.

  2. Migdalia says:

    Your flowers are adorable!! TFS the tutorial!! I love the fun challenge which I will join in as well.
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  3. Sandi Sohn says:

    Eve, I tried to go to the “Cut it Up” blog but the page shows up “fractured” , bits and pieces pop up and close and jump all over the screen. Imnot have this problem anywhere else

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