My Bat Hero

Funny story . . . One night a short while ago, my husband work up at 4:00 in the morning.  He turned on the bedroom light and said, “I knew it!”  I woke up at that point said, “What?”  He said, “There’s a bat in here!”  And so there was.  He was flying around the room near the ceiling.  It was pretty cool, too, because he didn’t hit any of the walls, but flew along one til he got to the next one, made a 90 degree turn and followed that one.  He kept going around and around.  I got up and tried to take the screen out of the window.  I couldn’t get it out, so my husband manhandled it and got it out.  I grabbed the pillows and we made for the guest room, closing the door behind us.

In the morning, we ventured into the bedroom and didn’t see the bat.  Confident that he made it out the window, we went about our morning routine.  I went into the master bathroom and put in my contacts.  When I closed the bathroom door, there was the little guy laying on the floor.

photoMy husband trapped him by putting a ziplock container over him, sliding a piece of card stock underneath and throwing the whole shebang out the window.

P1080919webHe was my Bat Hero!  When I saw these two files from Designs on Cloud 9, I knew I wanted to combine them and make a card for my brave hubby.  🙂

P1080921webThe bat and moon are from DC9’s Witch’s Moon file, Bat Man is from the Heroes 1 file, and the font used on the inside of the card is called Bats & Dragons.

P1080916web P1080914web

This is the moon by itself.  After I lifted that top layer off my mat, I had all these little circles.  They reminded me of bubbles from a magic potion or witch’s brew, so I kept them.   You might see them at a later date!!




About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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2 Responses to My Bat Hero

  1. OH wow. Isnt it cool how flora and fawna can inspire us?!

  2. Tina M says:

    what a great card! I’m so sorry though that u were inspired by the REAL THING!! uckkkk they are creepy!

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