Cut it Up White as Snow

CIU challenge blogDo you like snow?  I don’t mind when it falls on the weekends, but since I work at a residential school and the students are there so I have to be there, too, I hate when it falls mid-week!

I do like pictures of snow, and it looks pretty while it’s snowing.  I LOVE driving in it at night when the snowflakes reflect off my headlights and it looks like I’m hurtling through hyperspace and the snowflakes are really stars flying past me!!  (Yes, I”m a sci-fi lover!)

Anyway, the challenge this time over at Cut it Up is to make a project that is mostly white with a little bit of one other color.  I like to make note cards for my aunt for Christmas.  Months ago, I had seen this sketch on the Clean and Simple Stamping sketch blog, loved it and saved it to my computer.  I decided now was the time to make them!

P1070326webI used American Typewriter font on my new Silhouette (still so excited!) The tiny snowflake inside the Os are an element on an ornament that the Silhouette store gave as a freebie back in December.  The yellow paper is from the Route 66 Recollections paper pack, a Christmas gift from my son.  (My family knows what I like!  My daughter got me paper, too!!  🙂  )

P1070332webThe twine is Lemon Tart Trendy Twine and the embossing folder is from Cuttlebug.  I apparently didn’t write the name of it on the folder like I usually do, and can’t find it on the internet, so I can’t tell you the name of the embossing folder, but it’s one I really like.  The snowflakes are so delicate!

I made six of these cards, and now I needed a box for them to go in.  I found just what I needed here at the Wizard’s Hangout.  (Check out her Free Templates and Links page.)

P1070333webP1070336webFor the closure, I used a “recycled” business card magnet, hidden under the paper.  All you do is snip off two pieces (mine were about half an inch thick), glue or tape one to the underside of the flap, place the second magnet ON the first one, put your glue or tape on the second magnet, and close the box.  The second magnet will land right where it’s supposed to to make the box close right.  Then cover with paper to hide it.  That’s it!


Six cards and envelopes fit into the box.

Head on over to Cut it Up and be inspired!!  Then enter your White as Snow project for a chance to win a $20.00 gift certificate to As Cute as a Button!


About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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5 Responses to Cut it Up White as Snow

  1. Cely(Carolina Girl) says:

    These are absolutely beautiful ! You are casing someone and I will case you. I will also check out the great folder for the card. I have several but this one looks pretty and easy. I really want to participate in the challenge but I’m 4 days from moving and so busy with all my craft supplies packed up. I saved a few supplies and moved to a friends house where I can play once the house is packed up and we are moved out. Boy, I wish I could join in! However, I will love your cards and enjoy seeing what others do for the challenge. Ps. I received my goodies and love love love them and kept them out to take to my friends house…haha

  2. Katie Brooks says:

    I LOVE your love note card set E! the cards and the little case is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Evelyn, thanks for the comment on my blog. As hard as it was to have Mother go so suddenly, the whole family agrees that it was the way to go, and just like her. No fuss and drama, just a calm and peaceful passing, something we all would hope for. Even the fact that it was on Christmas, the birthday of our Savior, seemed right for her. The pastor read THIS POEM at her funeral. P.S. I love your note cards and box. What a lovely gift for your aunt. xxD

  4. June Houck says:

    Obviously your children are very smart and have good taste to buy papers for you for Christmas. Your son chose beautifully! I absolutely LOVE you card sets and the card box. So clever to use an ornament cut for the snowflake/O. Clean and crisp design and show-stoppers! Beautiful gift, Evelyn 🙂

  5. Susie says:

    Wow! Great choice of papers! They get an A from mom on this one!! Love the texture of your card and all the details, twine, die cut, and that sweet button. All of that makes a perfect set!


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