Marine album pages

My son is a pilot for the US Marine Corps.  He just finished his training and is now certified to fly the Cobra helicopter.  I’m documenting his journey and experiences in beautiful albums from K and Co.

Here are three simple pages from one of his Marine  photo albums.

His Primary and Advanced flight training took place at NAS Whiting Field in Pensacola, Florida.  We took this picture when we went to his winging ceremony.  The Florida map is from a free doodlebat font called Ding Maps available here and here. (and lots of other places too.  Just do a google search on Ding Maps font.)

Next is a title page for the photos he had from his Primary Flight training, where the pilots train on fixed-wing airplanes.  The marines are not permitted to bring cameras in the aircraft, so I asked him what the name of the plane was that he was flying.  Then I did a google image search and found this fantastic photo!  I downloaded it and printed it out.  The map is an outdated, obsolete flight map that was headed for recycling.

I think maps make a great addition to scrapbook pages!  I put a little of the map on each page that was about his flight school experiences.

This last page is an example of how to include memorabilia on a scrapbook page.   Before the winging ceremony, the pilots can have their wings blessed in a special service.  This is the title page for the photos we took during the Blessing of the Wings.  The stained-glass window in the chapel was so beautiful and unique!  Where else but on a military base would you see Jesus sharing the stage with ships and planes?

I adhered this photo to the front of a pocket that holds the program for the ceremony.  On the right is a photo of his wings and a prayer book that was given to the new pilots.

As I’m typing this, my Cobra pilot is driving across the country from San Diego to join his new squadron in North Carolina.  He’ll get to spend Easter with us!



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5 Responses to Marine album pages

  1. gramjak says:

    Beautiful album!!!!
    Happy Easter — so happy your son will be home with you!

  2. gramjak says:

    Beautiful album!

    Happy Easter — so glad your son will be home with you!

  3. shesasassylady says:

    Beautiful! Love the detail and it is something he will always treasure! TFS
    Have a wonderful Easter with your son!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi Evelyn! I somehow stumbled across your blog when trying to search page ideas on the internet to do my husband’s military album. (Something that I have wanted to start for YEARS now but through 3 deployments and a baby, well I’ve just never gotten around to it, until now!) I’d love to see more of your son’s album but could only find the NAS Whiting Field page. Have you done any others – like OCS or TBS? My husband actually flies Cobra’s as well and was stationed in NC for about 6 years until last year! Kinda crazy! =)

    • Evelyn says:

      Hi, Lauren, I’m so glad you found me!
      I actually have three albums completed for him, all using those nice Marine albums from K and Co. I clicked on the “scrapbooking” tag on the right column of my blog and looked at them all. It seems the only other Marine pages I put on the blog are under the heading of “Catching Up on some Scrapbooking” from November 3, 2011. I’ll look at the rest of his books and see if there are any pages that would be okay to put on the internet. Thanks for commenting!

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