My ship(ment) has come in!

I can’t tell you how excited I am!  It feels like Christmas!  Yesterday, the delivery man brought me my Close to My Heart start up kit!  I spent hours going through it, examining each piece.  The idea book alone took me two hours to go through!  I read every word (lots of cool tips in there) and matched the products to the ones in my box.

This is what was included:

eight stamp sets.  (You probably knew this but I didn’t because I’m not that much of a stamper, but apparently stamps work better if you use them on a soft surface.  One day I was stamping a sentiment in my Valentines.  The first one turned out great!  I was really surprised – usually only part of the stamp shows up for me, and the ink isn’t uniform.  Later ones didn’t work as well.  When I whined to my husband about it, he asked what was different.  Turns out when I did the first one, I had a lot of stuff on my lap desk so I had to work on top of a magazine.  Later, the lap desk was cleared and I was working right on the wooden surface.  AHA!!  – my husband is brilliant!!)  So it turns out he was right; and all the stamps I got from CTMH actually come with a foam piece for you to stamp on!!  However, that information is not written anywhere on the stamp package.  I read it somewhere in the idea book.  You might think the foam is packaging material and throw it out, so now you know!!  Keep the foam!!

The next thing is paper.  I got a kit called Stella which includes all the 12 x 12 paper here in addition to other coordinating stuff.  The really cool thing I LOVE is the 3 x 3 swatches of every color card stock they make!!  There are also 6 x 6 swatches of all the patterned paper.  (I might wind up using those on projects, though.)

There are some chipboard shapes, some bling, and some long, thin cards that I’ll have to figure out what to do with,

some ink pads and tools,

a 12 x 12 leatherette album and the Art Philosophy cartridge (which was FREE!!)  I like the idea that some of the cuts on the cartridge coordinate with some of the stamps.  Can’t wait to try that out.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you.  I really like having the PDFs for all the cartridges on my computer and my iPod so I can get a nice close look at them.  The Cricut library doesn’t have the PDF for Art Philosophy, but a crafter took pictures of all the pages in her handbook and made a PDF out of it that you can download.  Click here for the link.  Be sure to leave her a comment thanking her.

Look what else arrived yesterday — a bunch of goodies that I bought from a fellow designer on the PCW design team, Jennifer.  Look at all this crafty goodness!!

As you can imagine, I’m in hog heaven right now!!  I’ll have to do a smidgen of housework before I can play, but I’ll get a chance this afternoon, and will be sure to show you what I’ve made.  Have a great day!!


About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper and wool, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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3 Responses to My ship(ment) has come in!

  1. It sure looks like you are goig to have a great time creating. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. Justyolie says:

    Woohoo!! Look at all that loot!!! Too funny on the 6″ x 6″ swatches! They are the perfect size for cardmaking! I purchased a couple of at the expo and now it seems I NEED them all. Lol
    Happy crafting!!

  3. Maria says:

    Hello Evelyn!

    I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. For more details, check out my post…


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