I became a CTMH consultant!

As I was lying in bed on Saturday planning my day, my train of thought went something like this:  I want to finish scrapbooking my Niagra Falls pictures but I need lots of 12 x 12 cardstock that’s all the same color blue.  Michaels doesn’t sell a pack of 25 sheets of blue.  Stampin’ Up does, but half of the sheets are the textured kind; I hate that.  Close to My Heart sells really nice paper in packs of 25, and it’s all smooth.  Last time I went to their website to order, I got carried away and put $100 worth of cardstock in my basket.  I wish I had signed up to be a consultant last fall when they had that really good deal.  I wonder if they’ll have another really good deal for new consultants soon.  If they did, I’m signing up this time . . .
Well guess what??  It must have been a premonition! I subscribe to She’s a Sassy Lady’s blog, and in my email Saturday morning, she announced they are having a great incentive for new consultants!! This entire month,  Close to my Heart is giving away the entire Cricut Art Philosophy Collection for FREE with the Consultant Startup Kit! What a great offer!  No hemming and hawing – I signed up right away!!  I’ve wanted that cartridge for awhile, and now I’m getting the cartridge and the whole kit-and-kaboodle that goes with it for FREE!!
If you sign up to be a consultant with Close to my Heart this month, you get everything in the start up kit, plus your choice of the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection or $100.00 in free product (if you already have one) for just $99.00 as it is included with the starter kit!  The Art Philosophy Collection includes the exclusive Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge, and 3 full sized coordinating stamp sets that you stamp on the Cricut cuts.  They include the sizes to cut them out so that the stamps fit perfectly on the cuts.  There are also 3 large sheets of chip board shapes that match the cuts on the cartridge.   CTMH’s normal price is $99.99 for this collection.  You get yours FREE!!!

The starter kit includes inks, and stamps, acrylic blocks, embellishments, the famous stamp double scrubber, cards, envelopes, paper samples, idea books, cleaners, adhesives, liquid glass, etc. etc. etc. — a $288.00 value for $99.00. and you get the Art Philosophy Collection free with it.
I think it’s a great deal and just wanted to let you know about it.  You get a lot for $99.  If you’d like to take advantage of this deal yourself and become a consultant, you may want to contact Sassy Lady.  I think she’ll make an excellent “Uplink.”
I’m not a great sales person, but if you ever need anything from Close to My Heart and you don’t have a consultant, feel free to contact me!

About Evelyn

I created this little blog so that I could have a place to show different crafts that I make for my family, my friends, my students, and myself! I have always enjoyed crafting. I particularly love paper, and that's what I'm currently working with.
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